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Water Bills

Are your water bills flowing out of control?

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Many of us use water in our businesses every day and we don't even think about the cost over 12 months. Some of our clients say they just use it to make hot drinks; others wash all their vehicles each week. Whatever you think your company usage is, wouldn't it be nice to pay less for it?


The Process

For us to save you money it couldn't be simpler! We will need to calculate your exact water bill. All you have to do is book a no obligation consultation with a member of our team who will come out to have a chat with you. We will need to see your latest water bills for analysis. Once we have identified the best possible deals we will produce and outline a water consultation report to this effect. At this point we will negotiate your new deal with the best water utility company!

We get paid by taking a percentage of any rebates that we can win back for you.

We can go back six years for rebates.

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When your contract expires, your tariff automatically increases.

Water Bills

A local hotel saved £3500 on water charges

A local timber merchant was overcharged £3,000 due to incorrect boundary measures JB Consultancy obtained a full rebate for the overcharge

A hotel chain saved £18,000 in their first year after using water saving equipment

A local primary school saved £3600 per annum through water saving equipment

A large manufacturer claimed £26,000 in rebates when correct water tariffs was applied

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Mobile Phones, Telecoms, Gas, Electric, Historic Water charges.

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