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Electricity and Gas

Are your Electricity and Gas bills out of control?

  • 9/10 Customers could save money
  • Simple to initiate – we do all the hard work
  • No obligation, no risk, no problem!


Many of our clients never give their commercial utilities a second thought and that is why we have a dedicated team who specialise in negotiating the best possible deal for your business!

Are you paying too much for Electricity and Gas?

Do you know the end date of your contracts?

Have you ever forgotten to renew your contracts and gone into out of contract rates?

Once your electricity and gas contract ends your business will be put on a higher tariff.

JB Consultancy can carry out an audit for you. Just from your bill, we can assess:

  • Current suppliers
  • Account or MPAN number
  • Number of units charged across a number of days
  • Charges per kilowatt
  • Period of the bill

We will negotiate new deals in time for contract renewal

We can also offer a full management service for a nominal fee


The Process

For us to save you money it couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is book your free no obligation consultation with a member of our team who will come out to have a chat with you. We will need to see your latest Gas & Electricity bills for analysis. Once we have identified the best possible deals we will produce and outline a report to this effect. At this point we will negotiate your new deal with the best supplier!

We get paid by taking a percentage of the money we save you.

This makes us work twice as hard to get you the best possible savings so you really can’t lose!


As well as reducing Electricity or Gas prices, JBC can offer guidance on improving your carbon footprint and checking ISO 4001 compliance, thus avoiding hefty fines.

Slash Your Costs

We can help you slash your costs on your:

Mobile Phones, Telecoms, Gas, Electric, Historic Water charges.

One phone call and start saving

Simply call to find out how we can save your business money we will do the rest.

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