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Business Broadband Services

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ADSL, SDSL, EFM Services including FTTC Fibre to the cabinet

Data services play a large part in todays businesses extra bandwidth is available for those lareg files, also for VoiP services.

You choose the bandwith suitable for your business needs, subject to availability

broadbandCloud Computing

Businesses are increasingly moving towards Cloud Computing technology. Software and data is stored on a cloud housed on a server. This avoids clogging up PCs and eliminates the need for constant upgrades. To be able to use cloud computing an effective broadband connection is required.

Mobile Broadband

Gives you access to work files, email and the Internet when you’re out of the office with Mobile Broadband for Business package.

The ‘plug and play’ simplicity of our USB modem means installation is quick and easy. You’ll be online in just a few minutes with no software to install.

The compact USB dongle is designed to be easily carried in pockets, handbags and laptop cases to be used anywhere without hassle.


ADSL stands for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

Business Broadband Services

John helped me sort out my telecoms requirements in a very professional manner. He took all the hassle away from the process and was expert in his recommendations. I've known him for some time now and he's a great person and one that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Ed Beattie

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