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The Company

Cost Reduction Specialists saving businesses money.

JB Consultancy UK Ltd is a telecoms and utility consultancy that prides itself on true and long-lasting business relationships.

Established in 2007 JBConsultancy are one of the UK's leading cost reduction consultancy services.

Based in the North West of England and providing support on a national level, JB Consultancy is independently owned and managed by John Betton.

We have been involved with utility suppliers such as Norweb Electricity and BT since the early 1990s and this gives JBConsultancy UK Ltd a broad understanding of business customers' requirements and their core values.

JBConsultancy works with trusted long standing telecom and utility suppliers to give the best choice and value to its customers. Once a sale has been completed support continues to be given ensuring a personal and quality service.

If we cant find you any savings we won't charge you a penny!

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the mission
The Mission

To minimise your business overheads across telecoms, utility and water charges.  

To maximise your profits, from sole traders to corporates, ensuring that businesses stay at the cutting edge of technology without exceeding budgets.

Slash Your Costs

We can help you slash your costs on your:

Mobile Phones, Telecoms, Gas, Electric, Historic Water charges.

One phone call and start saving

Simply call to find out how we can save your business money we will do the rest.

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01942 33 1471