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Business Cost Reduction FAQ'S

What do we do at JB Consultancy?

We use our expert knowledge and buying power to secure the lowest prices for you through existing or new suppliers for all of your telecoms and utilities services.

What happens when the contract you negotiated expires?

JBConsultancy keeps in touch with all our customers on a quarterly basis, to ensure that they are happy with their providers and the new contracts are negotiated on time.

All our contracts end at different times, can you look at them all separately?

This is not a problem, JB Consultancy will log all your suppliers end dates and get in touch with you when each renewal date approaches


How do you work?

We undertake a bill analysis across all of your commercial telecoms, gas, electric, mobile phones and water contracts.

We liaise with your current suppliers about your contract end dates we also identify the best rates available for you.

What do you charge for your services?

We work on a no win no fee basis any savings, or rebates that we find we take a percentage.

Bill Validation services ?

Bill validation service is also available no more estimated bill reads amounting to increased bills, bills are checked on a monthly, or quarterly basis to make sure that they are correct across all services charged at a nominal monthly fee. 

Can you always save money?

There are very rare occasions when an audit shows that businesses are on their best deals. However, 95% of the time, potential savings are identified.

What you offer sounds great, but what about the disruption?

There is absolutely no disruption to your business. It is our role to carry out all negotiations and work with suppliers to ensure that they do not disrupt your services in any way.

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the mission
The Mission

To minimise your business overheads across telecoms, utility and water charges.  

To maximise your profits, from sole traders to corporates, ensuring that businesses stay at the cutting edge of technology without exceeding budgets.

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We can help you slash your costs on your:

Mobile Phones, Telecoms, Gas, Electric, Historic Water charges.

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